After four years of constant complaints about spending too much time up in Brisbane and not enough time down at the Gold Coast, I finally decided that enough was enough.

I decided that I would book a beautiful hotel for the night, drive down after work on Friday afternoon, stop in at my amazing boyfriends house to pack a few things on the way, check into our hotel and then show up out the front of his work just before he finished so that I could watch those baby blue eyes of his light up like fireworks.

I had imagined it in my mind at least a million times over. Watching that adorable little surprised look spread across his beautiful face as I walked through that door unexpectedly; even just the thought alone was enough to give me butterflies.

Unfortunately though, despite my best efforts, things didn’t quite end up going according to plan.

Firstly, apparently the decision to drive myself to the Gold Coast for the very first time straight after my first official day of work, wasn’t such a ‘smart’ idea after all. According to the official joint parenting opinion, after having spent a little over a year physically unable to drive, a few weeks of driving back and forth from our local shopping centre wasn’t considered enough ‘experience’ for such a journey. So just like that, my ‘grown-up’ surprise was now something that was ‘under parental supervision’, an additional bonus that despite my disappointment, was probably a much safer option.

Secondly, those of you who already know me would probably be aware that time management is definately not one of my strong points. So really, planning a surprise that involved arriving at a specific location at an exact time was just asking for trouble. Especially when you take into consideration the infamous Murphy’s Law; something that I definately did not account for.

So there I was, standing outside the lovely little Yoghurt City at exactly 5:04pm, with my boyfriend nowhere in sight. It had seemed that the very same boy who has never once left on time on a Friday afternoon, had decided that the single one occassion that I had decided to surprise him would be the perfect time to start.

All of those secrets and all of that planning and instead of seeing that beautiful face of his light up like fireworks, I was left standing in the middle of Cavil Avenue like a lost little puppy, with no choice other than to call him and confess and just like that, the perfect surprise was officially ruined.

Luckily though, despite the plan falling apart in the last five minutes, his baby blue eyes still sparkled like crazy when he found me, he still picked me up and spun me around the same way that they do in all of my favourite movies and we still had an amazing night in a breathtakingly beautiful hotel.

So all things included, for a girl who is unbelievably disorganised, can’t keep a secret to save herself and is never, ever on time for anything, going by the smiles on both of our faces come the end of the weekend, I would say that despite a few minor details this secret little surprise was well and truly a success.