Valentines Day; a day that I have been lucky enough to have spent with the most amazing boy that I have ever met, for the last four years in a row. Today however, things were a little bit different.

Instead of spending the day in the arms of my amazingly beautiful boyfriend, smiling, laughing, being absolutely spoilt rotten and falling even more in love than I already have, we found ourselves taking a rain check on the romantics of it all and spending our days at work, missing each other even more than usual.

Surprisingly though, even more surprising than the fact that I actually spend some of my days working now, was the wonderful mood that I woke up in, despite the fact that my Valentines Day was missing a fairly important part – my Valentine.

Despite the fact that I woke up with far too much room on the right side of my bed instead of being wrapped up tightly in his arms, to a clock that read 8:00am instead of my usual 9:30am and a race against time to not be late for work, I actually ended up having quite an amazing day. Possibly even more amazing than I had expected.

I still woke up to one million and one beautiful text messages from the boy who stole my heart and despite the fact that I was spending Valentines Day without him, I still felt like the luckiest girl in the world.

I still went about my day in the same way that I would any other and despite the fact that I spent my morning at work, I still found myself having a wonderful time. So wonderful in fact, that for the very first time since I started working I received a beautiful compliment from one of our clients; a compliment that not only made my whole entire day, but one that just so happened to make that early morning smile of mine grow just that little bit bigger.

A smile which after arriving home and hearing a quiet little knock on the door, grew even bigger again after I received the biggest surprise of all. There they were, twelve beautiful, breathtaking red roses, from that very same boy who came along and stole my heart. A boy who every time without fail, knows just how to brighten my day.


So while today I realised yet again that I am madly, head over heels in love with the most amazing boy in the whole entire world, the realisations went beyond February 14th.

Today I realised that while it may often be the ones we love most who tend to surprise us, sometimes it’s those people who we’ve never met before who have that very same impact. Sometimes the people who come along and brighten our day aren’t always the people we expected.

Today I realised that whether it’s February 14th, April 29th or November 6th, if you approach the world with a smile on your face, chances are, the world will find a way to smile back at you.