After watching an interview tonight with such an amazingly brave and unbelievably strong couple who sadly, just lost their gorgeous three year old son to Cancer, I found myself feeling overwhelmed by what seemed to be a list of endless, unanswered questions.

How is it possible for something as careless and destructive as Cancer to exist in something so perfectly innocent?

Why is it that so many amazing parents have felt the pain and heartache that accompanies the loss of a child?

Why is it that some of the best parents in this world are forced to say goodbye to their children, while so many seemingly undeserving parents continue to overlook their role in one of life’s greatest blessings?

Why is it that so many beautiful little angels are taken before their time?

Why is it that so many horrific, unexplainable tragedies are ruining the lives of what seem to be truly remarkable people?

It was then, after what seemed to be hours of deep contemplation that it dawned on me; maybe the only logical explanation for all of this was not one of logic at all, maybe it was one of faith.

Maybe the reason that these tragedies continue to happen to the best and most beautiful of this world is because God knows that they are the ones strong enough to handle it. Maybe it’s because he knows that they are the ones brave enough to do something wonderful with the unfortunate cards that they have been dealt, something miraculous even.

Maybe God chooses the people who he knows will be able to pick up the pieces and use their own light to continue on through the darkness. Maybe God chooses these beautiful, blue eyed baby boys because he knows that along with their amazing families, they are the ones who can make a difference in all of this; they are the ones who despite the heartache, can still find a way to inspire the world.

Maybe it’s in the midst of great tragedy, despite our natural instincts to do otherwise, that we need to stay strong in our beliefs. Maybe it’s in those moments that we need to have faith that God only ever gives us what he knows we can handle, because if not for faith then what do we ever really have?