Last night for the very first time in what feels like an eternity, I dreamed of a baseball game that didn’t end in disaster.

I dreamed of a baseball game where somehow, my socks actually made their way onto my feet. A game where I did in fact remember to pack my cleats and a game where my glove didn’t just magically disappear. A game where believe it or not, I even managed to make an appearance out onto the field before the game had ended.

I dreamed of a game where I was actually throwing a baseball again; a real life baseball. A game where my glove fitted perfectly on my hand and every now and again, that very same baseball almost magically made its way into my glove.

I dreamed of a game where I was finally back standing on first base picking the ball from in the dirt, screaming in excitement when I realised that somehow I had caught it. A game where not only was I back playing again, but for a brief shining moment I was even back running the bases, a feeling that I haven’t been able to remember in almost three whole years.

I dreamed of a game where for the very first time in what feels like an eternity, everything was exactly how I remembered.


So if what they say about dreams really could be true, if they really are an insight into our subconscious then I can honestly say that I am the happiest girl in the world right now because finally, after all of this time, it appears that mine might actually be starting to believe again; starting to believe that someday soon, the magical feeling of throwing that baseball and running those bases won’t just be something to dream about.

Maybe instead, with just a little bit more time, those wonderful feelings and those endless dreams will somehow find their own way of becoming a reality.