In the midst of yet another rainy Monday night, somewhere between reality and the realm of daydreams, I was reminded of something that somehow I had almost lost sight of. I was reminded just how rare and beautiful it was to have someone so amazing in your life, that they take your breath away daily.

Someone who despite everything, loves you unconditionally. Someone who makes you feel luckier than the thought of holding your very own winning lottery ticket. Someone who has in no way been forced to love you, but has chosen to do so regardless of the situation.

Someone who has seen you at your worst, day in and day out and still believes without a doubt that you are the most beautiful girl in the entire world. Someone who has stayed by your side, when even the strongest of people would have walked away. Someone who has told you with more sincerity than you have ever come across, that even if this were as good as it gets, that it would still be enough for them.

Someone who believes in you when you’re too tired to believe in yourself. Someone who understands you when you can no longer understand yourself. Someone who is there to hold you up when you no longer have the strength to do so for yourself. Someone who even through all of the mess and the tears, can still see you for you. Someone who has been your own beautiful, breathtaking ray of sunshine through even the heaviest of storms since the very first moment that they walked into your life.

Someone who constantly restores your faith that everything really does happen for a reason; even the things we may question.

Today I was reminded that although our current situation may not be one that we would have perhaps chosen for ourselves, it is quite often that very same situation that places us on a path we may never have found on our own; a path that if taken with the right people by our side, will lead us exactly where it is that we are supposed to be.