After yet another night out with Mumma Bear at the beautiful Jupiters Casino watching two of our ‘now favourite’ Irishman perform live, I can honestly say that just like our other crazy little adventures, this was definately one to remember.

Given that we had an entire night together, like always, there were countless highlights. So many in fact that if I told you them all, we may very well be here forever. So for the sake of time, how about I do what Mumma likes best and I just start by telling you my top three?

1. Believe it or not, I had absolutely no idea that Brian McFadden was so unbelievably funny. So hilarious in fact, that I am more than certain he could’ve made a career for himself as a rather handsome comedian. A comedian who not only had me in fits of laughter the whole entire time, but who also happens to have an absolutely amazing singing voice. A singing voice which along with his comedic talents, I was completely and utterly unaware of.

2. Just in case you were wondering; yes, Mr. Ronan Keating is still just as sexy as ever. So sexy in fact, that I think he may even be sexier than the last time I saw him perform. If that is even possible.

His dance moves however, were not quite as impressive.

Just between you and me, I think he may have been taking secret lessons from a very talented zoo keeper. A zoo keeper who decided that it would be a good idea to trade in his signature ‘pelvic thrust’ for the new and improved emu head nod, closely followed by a rather rythmic penguin waddle. It was definately a sight to see. He did somehow manage to pull it off though, which I suppose isn’t really all that surprising. If we were being honest, anyone that sexy and that Irish could just about pull anything off.

3. Quite possibly my favourite of the evening; my introduction to a now lifelong friend, the infamous ‘Jupiters Wheel’.

Despite the fact that we may have only met for just a few moments, the sheer joy that this little wheel has already brought into my life has me certain that our friendship will blossom into something wonderful.


So there you have it, three little highlights which add up to create one big, beautiful memory. One big, beautiful memory which is sure to last a lifetime.

Mumma Bear; you certainly know how to plan the good ones.