Another year gone, another birthday passed and another amazing day spent with family and friends, being completely spoilt rotten; is it really any wonder why birthdays make me as happy as they do?

Beautiful clothes and breathtaking gold bracelets. Brand new perfume and fancy floral handbags. Cute little lunch boxes and handmade winter beanies. Precious turtle earrings all the way from Hawaii and heartfelt cards with not so lucky scratchies. Sparkling sapphire rings with pretty little diamonds and birthday phone calls from all of those people who mean the most.

Mumma Bear visits with my perfect little Baby Bear and an entire day spent with my handsome boy. My very own ‘allergy-free’ chocolate mud cake and a delicious home-cooked roast for lunch. Best friend surprises and a lovely autumns day filled with nothing but sunshine.

Message after message from all of those beautiful people who are constantly making my life magical and just incase all of those things weren’t quite amazing enough, a night spent watching two of my favourite country bands perform live for the very first time in Australia, with three of my very best friends.

As far as birthdays go, it was definately a favourite.

Despite the fact that it was far busier than usual, my one and only big brother was missing from the festivities and somewhere in between all of the excitement, I somehow had to find the time to pack my entire wardrobe into a single suitcase; an activity which just so happens to be my least favourite thing in this whole world, I still had an absolutely wonderful day.

A wonderful day which just like the countless others that this beautiful life has blessed me with, I am so incredibly grateful for. A day which has just been added to the very top of my ever-growing list of reasons behind why I truly am one of the luckiest girls in the world.