What if I told you that beginning now, you had a total of three hundred and sixty-five days to do everything that you have ever wanted, everything that you have ever dreamed of. Just three hundred and sixty-five days to live the life that you have always imagined; where would you begin?

Would you trek through a mountain range, just to see the view from the top or would you spend all day with your toes in the sand?

Would you lay beneath the shade of that beautiful big oak tree, just to feel the cool breeze blow across your face or would you travel to Ethiopia and spend your days as a volunteer?

Would you capture the world from behind the lens of a camera or would you run away and join the circus, just to befriend a lion?

Would you spend an entire day watching your favourite movie on repeat or would you finally call that long lost friend, the one you’ve been meaning to call for years?

Would you spend your days buried beneath a desk full of paperwork or would you buy a new pair of gumboots, just to splash through the puddles?

Would you travel the world with nothing but a pen and a never ending notebook, in hopes of uncovering every inch of life’s beauty or would you visit your favourite park, just to feed the ducks?

Now what if I told you that those three hundred and sixty-five days had just turned into a lifetime?

What if I told you that you now had an entire lifetime with the world at your fingertips. An entire lifetime to make all of those dreams come true; would all of those things still matter or now that you have been given the promise of a lifetime, would they simply fall into the ‘tomorrow’ pile?

Would you still spend every single one of those days making every second count or would each one of those days no longer seem as important?

Too often we fall into the trap of tomorrow, causing us to lose sight of the true value of our todays. We forget that every single day is a blessing. We forget that regardless of whether we are given just ten days in this wonderful world or ten million, every single one of those days is a brand new and beautiful chance to chase our dreams; a chance to make ourselves happier than we could have ever imagined.

Every single day is an opportunity to walk with the sand between our toes, a chance to run away and join the circus. Every single day is a chance to reach for more, a chance to smile just that little big bigger and that little bit brighter.

Every single day is a blessing, not just those which we call ‘tomorrow’.