You know that quiet, peaceful moment when you have just climbed into bed after a day that you could have sworn was never going to end?
The moment you have just finished rolling around under your million and one different blankets and you are finally comfortable. You’re not quite asleep yet, but you’re not fully awake either; your head is resting softly on your pillow, your eyes are finally beginning to close and you are just seconds away from drifting off into the realm of dreams.

Right then in the depths of that very moment, just what exactly is playing on your mind?

Are you subconsciously reliving the day just passed or are you busy writing a list in your mind of the endless possibilities that tomorrow may bring?

Are you imagining something magical that is yet to come or are you happily remembering adventures of the years gone by?

Are you praying to your Angels for a helping hand or are you thanking God for all of life’s daily blessings?

Are you fighting with the person you’ve become or are you questioning the kind of person who you would like to be?

Are you blissfully content with the world you have created for yourself or are you too focused on the string of regrets from your past to ever truly move towards your future?

Are you already just seconds away from yet another wonderful dream or are you desperately counting hundreds of lost little sheep?

Are you smiling uncontrollably at yet another amazing memory or are tears beginning to well in your eyes from something that you would much rather forget?

Are you excitedly counting down the days until your weekend can begin or are you regretfully awaiting your next monotonous day at work?

Do you slowly drift off into a land filled with wild and crazy dreams or does your mind instantly go calm, just like a still, quiet sea?

Do you open your eyes and stare blankly at the darkness, searching for that faint glimmer of fairy dust to dart across the room or do you keep them tightly closed, in fear of what else may be hiding in the darkness?

Whatever you are thinking, whatever you are feeling and where ever your mind goes the very moment that your head hits that pillow, could say more about the person you are than you may ever realise. Right then in those very moments we have the opportunity to learn a lot about a person, just as we have the opportunity to learn a lot about ourselves.

It is right then in the depths of those very moments that the true magic happens. It is then that the realm of dreams open up and we are at our most vulnerable and regardless of how hard we may try to alter the course of our thoughts and our emotions during that time, in those very moments they remain completely out of our control; that’s what makes them so rare and so precious. The fact that for one brief and shining moment our deepest thoughts have the ability to remain untouched, unaltered and unharmed.

That’s where the true magic lies.