Regardless of how strong we may consider ourselves to be, how well we may have been handling the curveballs that life has thrown our way or how brave a face we may have been putting on for the rest of the world to see, sooner or later we all have our weak moments. Sooner or later, somewhere in between all of the endless good days, life throws us a tough one just to keep us on our toes.

Sooner or later our strength subsides and we are left feeling overwhelmingly vulnerable to each and every one of those curveballs. Our once calm thoughts turn to frustration and the weight of the world that has been resting on our shoulders, suddenly seems too much to bear. We become overpowered by a flood of emotions and our once brave face becomes one that has been covered by tears; tears that luckily, more often that not, bring with them a magical sense of clarity.

A sense of clarity that carries an air of newfound strength and an overwhelming wave of determination. A determination that pushes us to continue to fight through the tough days and a strength that reassures us that even in our weakest moments, we are not only strong enough but we are brave enough to take on the world.