Just me, my two favourite boys, a brand new baseball glove and a real baseball; a combination that I have missed more than you can even begin to imagine. One that I have been dreaming of every single day for approximately one thousand and sixty-five days.

Today, that dream came true.

After one thousand and sixty-five days of imagining this exact moment, it was finally here. I was finally back with my two favourite boys, a brand new baseball glove and a real baseball. I was finally back smiling, laughing and having the absolute time of my life. I was finally strong enough again to enjoy the one thing that I loved the most in this world and there was not a single thing that was going to stop me.

No words could even begin to describe that kind of happiness.
That kind of happiness had been a long time coming.

So long in fact, that I was almost certain I would’ve forgotten what it felt like; I guess I should’ve known better. From the very first moment that I picked up that ball, all of those memories came flooding back just like it were yesterday and for a split second it almost felt as though I had never left.

It was then, in that exact moment that I became sure of one thing; this was why I had stayed strong for so long, this was why I had held on for all of this time, this was why I had fought so hard. For moments just like this.