Once upon a time in a not so far away land, there lived a girl. She had blonde hair, hazel eyes and a face that was rarely without a smile.

She was a happy girl with a laugh that was loud enough to echo an entire village and dreams that stretched out further than the yellow brick road. She was kind hearted just like her Mumma, ever so stubborn just like her Dadda and regardless of the circumstances, she would always stand up for what she believed in.

She was never, ever on time, refused to wear a watch and would do everything in her power not to wake up to a morning alarm. She would stay up far beyond her bedtime, sleep in until midday and as embarrassing as it was, she would dribble in her sleep.

She would laugh at absolutely anything, sneeze every single time that she saw the sun and every day at exactly 11:11 she would make a wish. She had an irrational fear of gremlins, refused to fall asleep if she was home alone and although she would never admit it, she was still more than a little bit afraid of the dark.

She was completely hopeless with geography, even worse at giving directions and regardless of how hard she tried she was terrible at baking. She loved to write and yet she would hardly ever read, she was completely uncoordinated and despite her love for music, she could not dance to save herself.

Pink cupcakes were her favourite as were cinnamon buns and she would always, always choose vanilla over chocolate. She never missed breakfast, regardless of the time and if it were up to her she would quite happily choose to live off pancakes for the rest of her life.

Her favourite colours were turquoise and peach, yet if you caught her off guard she would probably tell you that her favourite colour was purple. She loved giraffes for a reason that even she was unsure of and just recently, she developed an attachment to owls.

She would call everything a ‘him’ regardless of whether it was male or female and she had a terrible habit of shortening words that were in fact, already short enough. She was hopeless at the beach to the point where she would likely drown without supervision and she was absolutely terrified of waves.

She loved the smell of jasmine, anything lemon-myrtle and had somewhat of an obsession with all things coconut. She would never leave the house without her toenails painted, despite the fact that she struggled to paint between the lines and much to her Mummas disgust, she rarely bothered to brush her hair.

She was completely unorganised, never quite mastered the art of time management and she rarely answered her phone when it would ring. She had a queen sized bed which she preferred to sleep diagonally in and three giant fluffy pillows that she could never quite choose between.

She had a picture perfect family, a superhero for a big brother and the very best friends that anyone could ever ask for. She loved big dogs more than small dogs, loved to play board games and although she wasn’t quite sure how she got so lucky, she somehow managed to find her very own Prince Charming.

She loved country music, had a rather strange obsession with gumboots and everytime that she picked up a pen, a tiny little sailboat would almost magically draw itself. She had enough stuffed giraffes to open her very own Safari Outlet and despite the lack of room on her bed she still insisted on buying more.

She had a crooked smile, a lazy eye and was the complete opposite to photogenic and after a total of twenty-two years spent trying to figure it all out, she was finally beginning to realise just who she was and just what it was that she wanted from this wild and crazy world.