Whether they are your very own precious little miracle, your best friends brand new bundle of joy or a blessing in the lives of a couple whom you have never met before, there is just something so overwhelmingly infectious about the magical sound of a little baby’s belly laugh; the kind of laugh that from the very second you hear it, almost instantly you’re laughing too.

From the first moment that beautiful sound of laughter escapes their tiny little mouths, even the strongest have been known to go weak at the knees.

 Whether it’s the way their whole precious little face just completely lights up or the way that once they start, nothing in the world can stop them. The way that if you listen closely, you can almost hear the laughter making its way up from their tiny little bellies and into their perfect little mouths or the realisation that in the midst of all of that laughter, they are completely oblivious to all of the pain and destruction in the world.

Whatever the reasons, despite not yet having a beautiful little bundle of joy to call my own, that perfect little sound that they so effortlessly create continues to make me melt. Every single time.

Just one tiny chuckle from the mouth of someone’s beatiful little bundle of joy and almost instantly, we are reminded of the possibility that perhaps magic truly does still exist. Almost instantly, we are reminded that regardless of all of the terrible things that may be happening in this world, right here in this very moment there is a precious little human who although blissfully unaware, is still enjoying the innocence of life. A precious little human who still has the ability to see magic in places where the rest of us no longer can.

baby laughter