This time last year I was on a giant aeroplane in the middle of the sky, floating my way towards one of the biggest adventures of my entire life.

This time last year I was just hours away from arriving in one of the most extravagant cities in all of the world; Las Vegas.

This time last year I was just two wonderful weeks away from relaxing on the breathtakingly beautiful beaches of Hawaii.

This time last year, whilst I had absolutely no idea what to expect of this wild and crazy adventure, I was certain that the next few weeks were going to change my life forever.
I was right.

Fast forward three hundred and sixty-five days however and here we are again, back in the final days of the magical month of April. Only this time instead of flying half way across the country, I am back in Australia enjoying the way the warm summer sunshine dances with the cool winter breeze. Back spending the days reminiscing about an adventure that was even more wonderful than I ever could have imagined; an adventure that has not only left me with endless treasured memories, but with a sense of wanderlust that has me dreaming the days away.