Whilst laying in bed last night, unable to sleep, I had yet another profound realisation; a thought that up until now, has never before crossed my mind.

Although we may do our best to live our lives consciously aware of our gratitude towards the things that we believe ourselves to have been blessed with, what about all of life’s countless other blessings that we are so ignorantly unaware of? All of those precious little things that unless we actually stop to consider, selfishly, we don’t ever really see them as the true blessings that they are. All of those seemingly simple little things that really, aren’t very simple at all.

Imagine for a moment, living your entire life in complete darkness. Imagine never seeing the magical glow of a sunrise or the beauty in a sunset. Imagine never knowing the colours of the rainbow or just how beautiful the flowers look in spring time. Imagine giving birth to a beautiful, brand new baby girl; a baby girl whose eyes you will never see the colour of and whose face you will never see light up with a smile.

Imagine for a moment, living your entire life in complete silence. Imagine never hearing the sound of ‘I love you’ or the way those tiny little footsteps pitter patter down the hallway. Imagine never hearing the sound of rain falling heavy on a hot tin roof or the way that thunder always echoes during a storm.

Imagine a life where the colours of the rainbow that you could once so clearly see, are now just a shadow of darkness that will never again turn to light. Imagine a life where the voices of your loved ones are just a distant memory that is slowly fading with each passing day. Imagine a life where you will never again walk with the sand between your toes or run with the cool breeze in your hair.

Imagine for a moment, a life where you would do anything for just one more chance to see the beauty in the world. Imagine a life where every single night before you drift off to sleep, you pray for a miracle and vow to never again take the simplicity of life for granted.

Imagine a life where every single day, you are praying to have all of those things that right now, you have already been blessed with. A life where you wouldn’t ever dream of asking for more because everything that you already have, would be so much more than enough.

Imagine for a moment living that life and then tell me that the grass doesn’t look greener, that the sky doesn’t seem just that little bit bluer and that those flowers don’t look more beautiful than ever before.

Imagine living that life and then tell me again how terrible your day was?