Every once in a while, in amongst the craziness of it all, life blesses us with people whose mere presence has a way of making us feel as though suddenly, the world makes sense again.

The kind of people who in an instant just ‘get’ you, flaws and all and regardless of how it is that you met, you can’t quite remember your life before them nor can you imagine your life without them.

The kind of people who you just knew from the first moment that you met, were destined to be a part of your life forever and regardless of whether you consider them to be the love of your life or your very best friend, they have changed your world in a way that you never could have imagined.

The kind of people who at the end of the day when you stop to count your blessings, you always count them twice. The ones who every single day, turn your life into the magical adventure that it was designed to be. Those select few who put the colour back into your rainbow when they can see that it’s slowly beginning to fade, without you ever having to say a word.

Those people, the ones who instantly came to mind from the very second that you began reading this; hold onto them. However few or however many you may have been blessed with, hold them close and don’t ever let them go. Treasure them, cherish them and every chance that you are given, thank them because although you may not realise it right now; those people are some of the greatest blessings that you will ever come across in this life and without them, your world would never be the same.