After a lifetime obsession with every aspect of winter fashion and a wardrobe that is now overflowing with endless pairs of denim jeans, far too many winter jackets, a pile of grandpa cardigans, more scarves than one person could ever need and of course multiple pairs of boots to match, I guess you could say that I’ve always been more than a little bit prepared for that yearly winter chill.

Lately however, that is definately not the case.

Although my wardrobe is indeed still overflowing with all of the usual winter essentials, it would seem that with my current faulty temperature gauge, there are no amount of denim jeans, fancy winter jackets or pretty woolen scarves that could keep this little body warm and the saddest part; it’s still only May.

Here we are just halfway through May and already, the very same girl who has been completely head over heels in love with all things winter for as long as she can remember, is beginning to wish that such a traumatic season did not exist. Here we are just halfway through May and already, the possibility of leaving the house in my rather unfashionable multi-coloured ‘Where’s Wally?’ thermals is unfortunately, fast becoming a reality.

For now though, with the help of my new bestfriend, Mr. Giant Heatpack, I am doing my very best to stay brave. At least until the icicles melt away and the sun begins to shine again.


 Countdown to sunshine; only one hundred and three days to go.