Lately, I have found myself beginning to wonder.

From the very first moment that we are brought into this world, are the paths that we take and the lives that we lead already predetermined by something much greater than us or is the direction in which we travel through life determined soley by our own personal experiences. The kind of life experiences that not only change who we are as people, but more often than not, lead us down a path that we couldn’t ever possibly have predicted.

That wonderful cardiologist, the one who saved your great grandfathers life; was he placed on this earth to do just that or was he too swayed by yet another medical professional? A professional who perhaps not only saved the life of his great grandfather, but who in turn created the very moment that set fire to a lifelong career.

That amazing young artist, the one whose pieces you see displayed all across the world; was she born with the ability to express herself through art or was she simply influenced by the excitement of that very first day of preschool? The very first day that all of those beautiful colours first came to life.

That famous baseball player, the one who is admired by billions; was he destined for greatness even before he picked up that ball or was he too just another young boy influenced by his fathers unconditional love of the game? A young boy who just happened to have been given the opportunity of a lifetime.

That girl, the one who constantly appears to have just stepped off the runway; was she born into this world with that very same unique sense of style or was she simply persuaded by the countless fashion magazines that were left lying around as a child?

That fancy lawyer, the one who is busy changing the world one case at a time; was he born with the inate desire to seek justice or is he simply doing his best to rewrite the wrongs of his past?

That girl, the one who shares her story with the world; was that story always going to be hers to tell or was that just a consequence of the path that she unwillingly chose to take?

Had fate intervened in a way that caused us to never have found ourselves in the midst of that one single life changing moment, would we still be the very same people who we are today or would those people never have existed?

If each and every single decision that we had ever made was somehow magically reversed and the memory of each and every single life altering event was taken from us, in the end, would we still find our way back to the very place that we were destined to be or would we find ourselves somewhere completely different; somewhere we never could have imagined?

In the end, is it destiny that defines us or is it up to us to define ourselves?