Despite time being the only real concept that we have ever known, I am still adament that right now, it is moving way, way too fast.

Thinking back though, I am certain that there was once a time that it didn’t. A time when the days just could not go fast enough and the weeks would drag on for an eternity. Yet now, here we are already welcoming in the first day of June. Here we are already halfway through a year that I could have sworn had only just begun. Halfway through a year that I was really, really hoping wouldn’t disappear so quickly this time around.

Unfortunately however, it seems to be doing just that.

Despite there being exactly three hundred and sixty-five days in every single year, I am beginning to think that as each one of those years passes by, slowly but surely someone is taking those days away, twenty-four hours at a time.

In fact, maybe that’s the secret.
Maybe that’s the part that we’ve been missing all this time.

Maybe we should be looking for that sneaky little rabbit who is obviously working for the Mad Hatter; the one who has been stealing our days away.

Maybe if we can find him, then we’ll find all of our long lost days. Maybe if we can find him, then we’ll find that magic pocket watch and time can finally begin to slow down again, at least for a little while.