“Amazing food, new experiences, uncontrollable laughter, stomach full of butterflies, unexpected conversations, sore feet, new friends, recurring memories and a constant smile the next day.”

Who would’ve thought that those twenty-five little words that somehow won us this magical trip of a lifetime would turn out to be the very same twenty-five words that could coincidently, be used to almost perfectly describe it?

Last minute flights and mid-air friendships.

Fancy hotels and little old drivers in sparkling limousines.

In room hair and make-up with a lovely London treasure and spontaneous visits by a hometown favourite.

Little black dresses and pretty high heels.

Red carpet entrance and bachelors galore.

Crazy loud music and a room filled with people.

Broken high heels and brand new Guess jeans.

Late night taxi rides and far too many photos.

Early morning check outs and beautiful beach walks.

Lunch in beach front restaurant fit for a queen and delicious deserts as grand as her castle.

Limousine tours back to the airport and sunset flights, floating back to reality.


Just twenty-five words that almost magically, led to thirty wonderful hours of unexpected adventures; unexpected adventures shared between two childhood best friends who to be quite honest, never saw it coming.

I suppose that’s how life works though. Every now and again, in the middle of our everyday lives, our luck changes for just long enough to allow life to throw something so wonderful our way, that more often than not, we are almost certain it is too good to be true.

This time though, this time it was true.