Realisation #23948945834832098 on this wild and crazy ride:

Maybe everything in life doesn’t always have to turn out exactly the way we imagined it to, in order for us to find happiness. Maybe sometimes, the truest of happiness comes at the times that we would otherwise least expect it.

Three years on from the very moment that changed everything and I can honesty say that my life looks nothing at all like I imagined it would.

With an empty bank account, a career path that is still somewhat ‘up in the air’ and a body that is still striving to reach full health, it would be easy to say that at just twenty-two, I am far from where I would like to be. The truth is though, I’m not. The truth is, at this very moment, I am exactly where I am meant to be and I have never been happier.

Despite my lack of finances, my undefined career plans and my current state of health, I am finally realising that none of that is what truly matters. None of that is what defines happiness.

Happiness isn’t what fills our bank accounts each week or the job title which we egotistically choose to let define us. Happiness is the smile that grows from inside us, from the very first moment that we open our eyes each morning. Happiness is what makes the world seem beautiful, even on the most gloomiest of days.

Happiness comes from deep within ourselves, not from money or job titles or material possessions and while each of those things may indeed help somewhat momentarily, it is not with those things that true happiness begins, nor is it where true happiness will grow.

I suppose what I am trying to say, is that while on paper on I may not be exactly where I had previously hoped to be by now, surprisingly, I am far happier out here wandering through the depths of the great unknown than I ever was walking down those paths that I mistakenly thought I knew.

Out here, not only have I found an overwhelming sense of contentment, but I have stepped into what seems to be a whole new world. A world so big, so beautiful and so bright, that I am beginning to think perhaps that path wasn’t so unknown after all.