To be perfectly honest, I’ve never quite grasped the concept of Christmas in July. That was, until approximately 2:38pm today; the moment that my very own Santa Claus delivered the Christmas gift of a lifetime.

After patiently waiting through what could have quite possibly been twelve of the longest months of my whole entire life, the day that I had been dreaming of for what felt like an eternity, was finally here. Our magical ‘Gravity HQ’ vibration machine or Harley Quinn as he is more widely known, was finally home; safe and sound.

No more waiting, no more praying and no more frantically counting down the days. It was finally time to start my recovery the way that I had planned to, all of those months ago and there was not a single thing in this world that was going to wipe that smile off my face.

There, in that very moment, I am certain that I would’ve been the happiest girl in the world. Not because of what was standing there in front of me though, but because right then, in that very moment, all of those dreams that had been slowly fading away, were suddenly floating back within reach again.

The baseball field.

The long afternoon jogs.

The crazy, carefree, run a muck days.

All of it, all at once and it had never felt better.

The best part though, was not the fact that I was finally feeling confident enough to dream those dreams again, but the fact that now, every day, they truly were one step closer to coming true.