I love the way that somehow, almost instinctively, life has this quietly confident way of knowing exactly what we need, exactly when we need it; quite often before we ever have any real idea ourselves.

The way that every time without fail, just when we think something doesn’t make sense in the world or just as we are beginning to feel as though we may have slightly veered off track, life steps in and reminds us that in actual fact, everything is just the way that it should be.

Whether it’s the people we are blessed to have in our lives, the career paths we have chosen to take or the opportunities that almost magically present themselves, I am beginning to realise that regardless of the circumstance, life truly is always just that one step ahead.

I am beginning to realise that although every path we may choose to take may not quite lead us down the road that we had previously hoped, it’s quite often that very same path that joins onto a road we would have never otherwise found.

I am beginning to realise that just as people come and go in our lives, so to do opportunities and while some may end sooner than we may have liked, each and every one ends for a reason. A reason that given enough time, we will eventually come to understand.

After just recently having one of God’s most precious angels that was ever placed on this earth, point me in a direction that I had never before considered, I am beginning to realise that while the world is fast becoming a place that relies solely on ‘who you know’ it’s also a matter of where it is that life is destined to take you.

I am beginning to realise that it’s quite often in the calmest of moments that we are thrown some of our greatest opportunities. The moments when we are so unsure which path we should take next, that we have no choice but to close our eyes and jump, hoping for the best. That’s when the true magic happens. That’s when life takes over and guides us towards something so wonderful that we can’t help but stop and thank the Angels, because aside from faith, there truly is no other explanation.

I am beginning to realise that while some opportunities may end just as quickly as they appear, their purpose remains the same – to prepare us for the next one; which more often than not is more magical than the last.