Somewhere close to four years ago now, a handsome boy that I had not long met, offered to surprise me with my very own custom made baseball glove all the way from Sarasota, Florida. A promise that between you and me, I had never quite forgotten. Unfortunately however, as luck would have it, circumstances changed and life somehow managed to get in the way. Leaving behind not only the remains of an empty promise, but a girl with a broken heart.

Sure enough though, time flew by in the blink of an eye and before I knew it, life circumstances had managed to of course, change yet again. Eventually, that long lost promise became a wonderful birthday surprise and that handsome boy that I first mentioned had not only managed to mend the accidental broken heart, but steal it too.

It may have taken four very long years but eventually, that handsome boy came through with his promise and my very own beautiful baseball glove was finally on it’s way to my front door. By this stage, I was sure that the hardest part was over.

I could not have been more wrong.

Whilst my brand new baseball glove may have very well been on it’s way to my front door, what I didn’t know was just how long it would take to actually arrive there.

Fast forward five months, ten thousand emails and $300.00 in FedEx collection charges later and although my troublesome glove has finally arrived home, it did not arrive without it’s fair share of life lessons.


1. When ordering something that can only be shipped to an American address, it generally works best if there is actually someone you know waiting at that address to collect it for you.

2. Never assume that the person on the other end of the phone knows what you are talking about. Chances are, more often than not, they don’t have a clue.

3.  In actual fact, a parcel can indeed disappear into thin air – twice.

4. Just because a company is extremely large and well established, does not in any way mean that they will take responsibility for their mistakes.

5. If there is no record of any parcel under your name, check another name.

6. Be persistent, even when the odds may not necessarily be in your favour.

7. If all else fails, start practicing your angry voice. An angry Mumma Bear will always, always get her way.


Luckily though, for quite possibly everyone involved, when he did arrive, he was so breathtakingly beautiful that from the very first moment I laid eyes on him all of that frustration just melted away. Everything from that sweet smell of leather right down to the pretty purple lace had me completely smitten.

I suppose you could say that just like the handsome boy I was telling you about, it was love at first sight.