Despite not quite being as physically active as I would have liked by this stage of the year, there was not a single thing that was going to stop that smile from spreading across my whole entire face, all day today.

Today was baseball sign on; the very day that I have been waiting for, for three very, very long years. The day that although in theory, is just a day to sign a piece of paper and pay a rather large sum of money, symbolically, it meant so much more than that.

Today I told the world that I was finally coming back.

Back to the people who could always, always make me smile.

Back to the family that I have missed more than anything.

Back to the game that I love most in this world and back to the single biggest thing that has kept me fighting throughout all of this.

Today I told the world that I was finally coming home and for the first time in a really, really long time, I knew that it wasn’t just empty words.