To be honest, right now, it’s all still a little bit surreal and despite having dreamt about this moment daily since we first returned home from our 2012 adventures, I still can’t quite believe that it’s all happening again.

However, as of approximately 3:48pm today, it all became official. Come May next year, my amazingly wonderful boyfriend and I will be on our merry little way to New York, with thirty-four magical days ahead of us. Thirty-four magical days, just the two of us, in a whole new world.

I suppose you could say that already, I am more than a little bit excited and while for the moment we may only have the beginning and the end officially booked, planning the rest is what’s going to be the most fun of all.

For now though, the highlights are more than enough to have me already counting down the days.

Sight seeing in New York, revisiting that crazy Las Vegas strip, road tripping the West Coast of California with my favourite, ‘Train – Half Moon Bay’ on repeat and last but certainly not least; wasting the days away on the breathtakingly beautiful beaches of Honolulu, Hawaii.

Together, it all adds up to the true definition of wonderful; a wonderful, once in a lifetime adventure that I cannot wait to begin.

Now, for those of you keeping score, you are probably already aware that I am yet to find that elusive money tree. For now however, I have temporarily given up the search and instead, I have decided to enjoy being one of the luckiest girls in the world.

For now, I am busy thanking my lucky stars for the amazing parents that I have been blessed with and the circumstances I have overcome. Thanking my lucky stars for parents who despite my current lack of finances, have beautifully and selflessly given me the chance to leave the past in the past and explore a bright and promising future.

Parents who have given me permission to completely disregard the every day restrictions of life and explore the world, regardless of the finer details.

Parents who despite circumstances, have continued to have faith not only in the person I am, but in the person I will become, allowing me to have faith in myself.

Parents who have given me the courage and the endless support not only to fly, but to soar.