Do you know what I think?

I think that the true beauty in life depends entirely on our perspective. I think that the way in which we see the world, be that beautiful or otherwise, depends entirely on how we choose to look at it.

I think that beauty is there for all of us, each and every day. However those truly beautiful days, the ones that completely take our breath away; those are the days that we have to earn. Those are the days that are made worthwhile from the days we’ve endured before hand. The days that we barely struggled through just to make it to this point.

I think that more often than not beauty is comparable and when it comes to our day to day lives, the way in which we choose to compare it makes all of the difference in the world.

I think that beauty doesn’t have to be relative to perfection. With the right perspective, even a day filled with rain clouds and thunder can be just as breathtaking as clear blue skies and sunshine.

I think that while ever we place too much emphasis on one single moment, we risk ourselves losing sight of the bigger picture.

I think that if we focus too hard on the struggles in life we become so consumed that eventually, we wake up one day and our life is indeed exactly as we pictured it; one giant struggle.

I think that we attract what we radiate. Be that positivity or negativity, the universe will send it our way.

I think that every moment in life has the promise to be seen in two very different ways and despite the finer details, it is entirely up to us to decide how we handle that moment.

I think that life struggles don’t just happen and countless coincidences don’t exist. Life teaches us lessons, lessons that depending on how we choose to interpret them, have the ability to impact our world for better or for worse.

I think that despite the endless reasons we may have to lose sight of the true beauty in the world, there will always, always be hope.

I think that some of the worst days of our lives happen for no reason other than to alter our perspective. To remind us to always look for the rainbow that appears behind the darkest of clouds, regardless of how bright it may shine.

I think that despite the obvious imperfections of days gone by, if we choose to wake up every day searching for the beauty in the world then that is exactly what we will find.