I think it’s fairly safe to say that nothing in this life is promised. Not today, not tomorrow and certainly not ten years from now. Time and time again the world has proven to us that sadly, just as quickly as life can be created, it too can be taken away. More often than not, without even the slightest of warnings.

As confronting as it may seem, life has the potential to be one of two things; a beautiful, breathtaking miracle or a heartbreaking, unexplainable tragedy and unfortunately, ninety-nine percent of the time that choice is completely out of our control.

While we may choose to believe that our lives are a direct result of the choices we make and the paths that we follow, what we often forget is that our lives are also directly impacted by the choices that others may make and the paths that they too choose to follow.

Each and every one of our lives are made up of a string of events. Events which are determined almost entirely by the time and the place in which we find ourselves, at any given moment.

The people we meet, the relationships we form, the opportunities we are given and the paths that we take depend entirely on the situations of our every day lives. Every single day we find ourselves in a situation that has the potential to drastically change our lives, be that for better or for worse.

Every single day we find ourselves surrounded by people who have the ability to directly impact our entire world, be that positively or negatively and while there are days where that choice may be entirely up to us, there are also days where that choice is completely out of our hands.

At the end of the day, life is unpredictable and while more often than not the world is a beautiful, magical place, there are days when it completely breaks your heart. Days when despite your usual unwavering faith in the world, you are left questioning everything that you ever thought you knew.

Days when you are yet again reminded that for every ten thousand questions we may happen to know the answers to, there will always be one million more that we do not. One million more questions that despite our endless attempts, we will never fully be able to make sense of and as unfortunate as it may be, it is quite often the most important questions of all that seem to always go unanswered.