I think sometimes without even realising, we lose sight of just how far we’ve come. We forget all of the endless hurdles, the giant speed bumps and the countless obstacles that we’ve so bravely overcome to reach this point and more often than not, we disregard the effort that it has taken us just to get to the here and now.

I think sometimes we focus too much on leaving the past in the past, placing all of our energy on working towards a bigger, brighter future when really we should be taking a moment to step back and reassess. Reassess not only the future, but more importantly, the past and the present.

I think sometimes without even realising, we place so much pressure on ourselves to reach a certain point or to achieve a certain goal and in an attempt to constantly remain moving forward, we forget to turn around and look at the bigger picture. We forget to remind ourselves just how far we’ve come.

I think sometimes it becomes so easy to lose sight of our progress, forgetting that nothing in this life comes easy. All good things take time; time accompanied by a continued strength, courage and determination and even then we don’t always end up exactly where we had hoped to be.

I think sometimes we allow our natural instincts to take over, causing us to constantly create new goals before ever really acknowledging the accomplishments of the countless other goals that we have already achieved.

I think too often we forget to stop and congratulate ourselves on the little things, the things that although we may not consider to be some of our greatest achievements are actually a lot greater than we may realise.

I think that if we spent a little less time pushing ourselves to achieve more and a little more time being proud of all of the countless other things that we have already achieved, then perhaps that overwhelming sense of happiness that we are all so eagerly longing for would appear almost instantaneously; almost as though it was there all along.