Sometimes if we’re lucky, life sends us someone who almost instantly, becomes the kind of friend that words could not even begin to describe. Someone who from the very first moment that you meet, becomes irreplaceable. Someone who although different in many, many ways, still brings out the very best in us.

Someone who has the ability to make us smile without so much as a second thought. Someone who even with the worst of jokes, can make us laugh more than we could even begin to imagine. Someone who every single day, makes our lives just that little bit brighter simply by being themselves.

Sometimes if we’re lucky, life sends us someone to lighten our load. Someone to pick us up each time that we have been knocked down. Someone to look out for us, always, no questions asked. Someone to have our back in a way that to be quite honest, nobody else ever could.

Someone who without us even realising, teaches us to explore life from outside of our comfort zone. Someone who gives us the courage and the confidence to take on every inch of this wild and crazy world. Someone who unknowingly inspires us to be more and to do more, every single day.

Sometimes if we’re lucky, life sends us someone to challenge us. Someone who although we may love to pieces, will push us to the very point of breaking; probably more times than we can count. Someone who will make us question everything that we ever thought we knew.

Sometimes if we’re lucky, it’s as though the universe knows exactly what we need before we ever really know ourselves and sometimes, if we’re really lucky, that is exactly what we get.

Someone who puts the brightest of colours back into our rainbow without us ever having to ask. Someone we can count on for anything and everything, regardless of the circumstances. Someone who can tell exactly what we are thinking at any given moment, simply by the look on our face.

Sometimes if we’re lucky, once in a blue moon, that someone turns out to be our very own big brother. A big brother who coincidently, has been right there beside us from the moment we entered this world and not once has that even slightly changed.

Once in a blue moon, if we’re really, really lucky, despite the countless near death experiences that may or may not have been entirely their fault, that someone turns out to be exactly what the Doctor ordered; our very own constant ray of sunshine, in an otherwise stormy world.