I am incredibly pleased to say that today, on this beautiful sunshiny Sunday, that I have had the absolute time of my life and despite pulling up completely and utterly broken, I have managed to play the most baseball that I have played in three very, very long years. With that being said however, I am even more pleased to say that surprisingly, that’s just the beginning of today’s wonderful adventures.

Today, for the first time in three very, very long years, by some divine intervention, that little white baseball somehow managed to connect with my bat during a real life game; twice, and although you may choose to argue otherwise, I think it’s fairly safe to say that nobody was more surprised than I was.

In fact, to be perfectly honest I wasn’t quite sure what to do next. Despite stepping up to the plate with every intention of hitting the ball, when it actually came down to it, I’m not quite sure if I ever really expected to. Needles to say, that ball finally connecting with my bat came as quite the surprise and so as you can imagine, I did what any surprised person would do; I jumped and I screamed until eventually, I remembered to run.

Unfortunately though, despite my best efforts of screaming at my little legs to go faster, they did not quite go fast enough and I found myself heading back in the direction that I had came from.

Luckily though, like most things in life I was given a second chance. A second chance which I happily grabbed with both hands and this time around, when the ball connected with the bat yet again, it no longer came with quite the same level of surprise. This time around, with the help of a few little errors in the field, my tiny little legs and I made it safe and sound at first base. Safe and sound and completely exhausted, with what could have quite possibly been the biggest smile of all time spread across my happy little face.

What happened next however, was what had me smiling the biggest smile of all and unlike the disappointment from a few weeks back, this time it was even better than I had imagined.

Standing there on first base rather unsure of just what to do next, my big brother stepped up to the plate. As luck would have it or more so ‘pure talent’ as he would say, one strategically placed safe hit later and I had advanced to second, feeling slightly like a fish out of water. Next up was my stud of a boyfriend and coincidentally enough, yet another strategically placed safe hit later and there I was standing on third base, with my two favourite boys just a few steps behind.

From where I was standing, it was like a fairy-tale ending that I couldn’t possibly have planned better myself and although we of course all managed to get home safely; a event which just so happened to be my first time crossing the plate in you guessed it, three very, very long years, nothing was going to beat that kind of fairy-tale ending.

After a little over ten years of finding my way around the diamond, despite all of the countless amazing experiences I have collected along the way, standing out there on those bases for the very first time with my two favourite boys has without a doubt advanced to the top of the list and although my body may be slightly broken, my spirit is stronger than ever. So strong in fact, that had you asked me to do it over again, I would do so in a heartbeat.

20.10.2013; I will remember you forever.