I am extremely pleased to say that this week just passed marks somewhat of a rather large milestone in my life so far. A milestone which ironically enough, most people would probably be ashamed to admit. However, as you are already well aware, I am not like most people.

Those of you who know me well enough would probably know by now that bravery has never really been one of my strong points and as embarrassing as it may be for a now twenty-two year old, it is no surprise that I have always been more than a little bit afraid of the dark. That was however, up until now.

Given that my Mumma and Dadda were out of town for the week, my big brother was back at work, as was my amazing boyfriend and my only other two designated best friend/babysitters were also temporarily unavailable, leaving me with no choice but to finally face my fears. Well, it was either that or secretly hide away at my Grandma’s house. A rather tempting option which in all honesty, came a very, very close second.

Luckily though, for the sake of what little pride I had left at this point, the attempt at bravery won out and at twenty-two years old, I finally managed to stay home by myself. Not once, not twice, but three times actually and despite the countless lights that may or may not have been left on, I am counting each and every one of those nights a success. A success which finally, after all of this time, has earned me my beautiful bravery stripes. Stripes which you will be pleased to know, I am never, ever taking off.

Zebra Foal 'Melako' At Werribee Zoo, Melbourne, Australia - 21 Nov 2012