Throughout the course of our lives we are going to hear countless statements from varying groups of people, just as we are going to continue to have our own endless thoughts about anything and everything that puzzles us in this world. Some of those thoughts will stay with us and others will not and sometimes, the way in which our brain filters those thoughts is completely out of our control.

Coincidentally enough however, at a time and a place that I was not at all expecting, life surprised me and a wonderful statement appeared. A statement that ironically, describes the last three years of my life somewhat perfectly and as such, has resonated with me in a way that no other statement ever has before. It’s meaning however, along with the exact way in which such a profound thought is likely to impact my life, I am still trying to discover.

“More often than not, the things in life worth worrying about are things that never even crossed our worried minds.”

As we are all well aware, worrying is a natural aspect of day to day life. It is imprinted into our DNA and whether we like it or not, it’s an instinctive reaction that generally happens before we even realise. Granted, some of us may worry a little more than others, but aside from the obvious varying degrees, we have all been known to worry from time to time. Unfortunately, that’s just the way the world works and like most things in life, it is something that eventually, we get used to.

However, what if that was no longer the case?

What if we made a conscious effort not to worry. What if every single time those worried thoughts crept their way into our minds, we wished them away with nothing but rainbows and sunshine. What if instead of spending countless hours worrying about things that more often than not, never actually occur, we saved that worry for something worthwhile. Something that ironically, would probably never have even crossed our worried minds.