One year ago today, in amongst a handful of others, a precious little baby blue bird was born. A tiny little Quaker Parrot who unbeknownst to him, would grow up to make one little girls Christmas dreams come true. With his beautiful blue feathers, his fluffy little head and his overwhelmingly cheeky nature, it was the definition of love at first sight.

From the very beginning, this little boy had no troubles living up to his name; eating almost anything and everything in sight. One of his many adorable little traits which coincidently enough, has not changed in the slightest. Just one year on and my little baby Wilbur is not only cuter than ever, but he is fast developing a personality that is unlike any other bird I have ever known.

Although like most birds, he loves his occasional belly full of bird seed, multigrain bread will always be his favourite. He loves nothing more than to make a mess with his strawberries and every time without fail, if you shake a container of macadamia nuts, he will fly to wherever you are within seconds. Savoury shapes are yet another weakness and despite the fact that he is actually a parrot and not a dog, he loves to nibble on baby sized lamb chops. Cooked beans are his favourite vegetable and just like his Mumma, he could quite possibly eat white sweet potato all day every day. Ice cream is yet another preferred treat, the CoYo version of course and every now and again, depending on his mood, he will do his best to sneak a sip of green tea.

Right from the very beginning, my little piglet has been a water baby at heart. A water baby who not only takes ‘shower hogging’ to a whole new level, but who will dive into a sink full of water at any given moment and despite being absolutely spoilt rotten with two beautiful cages as well as his very own happy hut, he is currently going through a phase where he is insisting on sharing Matilda’s bed; a phase which as you can imagine, she is not at all impressed with.

Every single day he sits himself on top of his play pen talking up an absolute storm and more often than not, his cheeky games of ‘peek-a-boo’ that he plays entirely by himself, end with a cute little chuckle that sounds a lot like his Mumma. He has an obsession with chewing tissues, loves the sound of crinkling plastic and believe it or not, it appears as though he has become quite the fan of country music.

Just one year on from the very first day that my little baby blue bird entered this world and already, he has me wrapped around those beautiful blue wings of his. Just one year on and to be perfectly honest, it is almost impossible to imagine a life without my favourite little trouble maker.


Happy first birthday my little baby Wilbur, I love you to the moon and back! xx