Some days we get lucky and the world is exactly as we imagined it would be; big, bright and beautiful. Other days, that very same glistening rainbow is hardly recognisable and despite our expectations, nothing could’ve prepared us for what lie ahead.

Some days without even realising at the time, the day seems to pass with ease, as though somehow, everything found a way of falling into place exactly as it should have. Other days, it takes every piece of strength we have to simply place one foot in front of the other in an attempt to make it out the other side.

Some days the world exceeds our expectations and although we had of course hoped things would be wonderful, they turn out far better than we ever could have imagined. Other days, those very same expectations bring with them the dull ache of a long lost dream and with each moment that passes, that dream falls further from our grasp.

Some days our lives have a way of making perfect sense and be it even for a brief and shining moment, it’s as though somehow, we are at one with the world. Other days, there is not a single thing that makes sense about this crazy rollercoaster of a ride and regardless of how many times we may replay an event over in our mind, the outcome remains the same.

Some days we are filled with endless amounts of happiness and despite the terrible things that may be going on in the world, we stay true to the belief that nothing can bring us down. Other days, the only logical explanation is that life is testing us with each and every moment. Pushing us to the point of breaking, simply to answer the lifelong question; how much heartache can one person endure?

Some days life finds a way of giving us everything that we have ever wanted. Other days, we are given everything that we have ever needed and while in theory we may choose to believe that they are one in the same, in reality they are miles apart.

Some days life shines so brightly that unbeknownst to us, the colours of the rainbow become imprinted into our memories just like a magical childhood dream. Other days, life forces us to go about our days in a world that is entirely black and white and while we are often able to place all of those colours back exactly as they were, to create a world in which nothing seems to have changed at all, sometimes we find ourselves a little lost. Sometimes regardless of how hard we may try, those colours just simply don’t shine the way that they did before.

Some days the colours of the rainbow are all that matter in the world and how brightly they may or may not be shining becomes our single, greatest priority. Other days, it seems that is the last thing on our minds and the simple fact that the rainbow is still present in the sky, is enough.

Some days we get lucky and it feels as though for once, our destiny is entirely in our own hands. Other days, we come to the realisation that despite our constant wishful thinking, perhaps it was never truly in our hands to begin with.

Perhaps our days are destined to be lived out exactly as they have been and our preconceived notions of the world have nothing at all to do with the outcome. Perhaps life is made up of a certain number of ‘some days’ and a certain number of ‘other days’ and the way in which we experience them is completely out of our control.

Perhaps nothing about the world is a coincidence and everything truly does happen for a reason. Perhaps every handful of ‘some days’ is simply a misguided attempt to prepare us for the countless ‘other days’ that lie ahead and perhaps just as we had hoped, life truly does have a greater plan for us all.

Perhaps life really is just as big, bright and beautiful as we had always imagined it was and in order for us to be reminded of that, sometimes the colours in our rainbow need to fade for a moment. Perhaps just like us as people, ever growing and changing, it’s not until those colours have faded from our rainbow that they can truly begin to shine again.