As far as luck goes, when it comes to my brother and I playing baseball together, we haven’t exactly had much so far.

A little over four years ago we had the wonderful idea of playing B grade together, however life obviously had other plans.

Despite our overwhelming enthusiasm, just halfway through our very first game, a misjudged attempt on my part to touch first base did not end well for my poor little left ankle. Apparently my talented efforts on the field had caused not just one of the ligaments to tear but all of them, seeing me out for the entire season.

Fast forward to now, the year 2013; a year where I am finally well enough to begin playing again and sure enough, life has intervened for the second time around.

Yet again, the same infamous first base was involved, however this time it was not my poor little ankle that it claimed as its victim, but instead my big brothers left shoulder. A rather impressive dislocation that not only came with a slightly stressful ambulance ride, but news that none of us were expecting. News that would unfortunately, see the brother and sister due divided for twelve long weeks.

I’m sure that given my current tone, you are probably already aware that I was less than impressed with the idea and while accidents of course happen on a daily basis, this was certainly not one that we were in any way counting on. In fact generally speaking, I am usually the one requesting an ambulance and after three long years of patiently waiting to be back out there on that field with both of my boys, it would be fair to say that right now my heart is slightly broken.

Broken for my big brother, who was having the absolute time of his life out there on that diamond. Broken for baby Red, who still hasn’t had her time to shine in a real live game and broken for me; the girl who already misses having her clown of a big brother out there by her side.

However, despite being slightly heartbroken, I am choosing to standby the fact that good or bad, everything happens for a reason and while that reason may well turn out to be pointless and non-important, there is just as much chance that it will turn out to be wonderful. Either way, given the way in which this wild and crazy world works, we aren’t going to know what that reason is until the moment has well and truly passed.

So for now, I suppose all we can really do is sit back and wait. Sit back and wait, hoping that somehow, eventually, we develop the virtue of patience whilst counting down the days; a rather likely outcome considering that as of today we are only four days in. Just four days out of a possible eighty-four and the countdown has officially begun.

2014; please be kind.