After a recent wardrobe clean out of rather epic proportions, it would seem that perhaps my Mumma was right. Perhaps it really is possible for a girl to just have ‘too many’ clothes and perhaps I am one of those girls.

For as long as I can remember my wardrobe doors have struggled to close and despite my most recent attempts at a clean out, nothing much has changed. In fact even after everything, it would still take a team full of Houdini’s just to fit another single thing in that cupboard and yet still, I am too often overwhelmed by the constant desire to shop.

Every day I am faced with the temptation of endless online sales and every day I am left fighting the desire to buy things that quite frankly, I do not at all need. A desire that despite my best efforts, seems to strengthen with each passing day.

In my defence however, I think we can all agree that as a whole, women love to shop. It is imprinted into our DNA as a top priority; a natural human instinct with a strength and perseverance like you would not believe. An instinct that may seem irrational to some, but to others, it makes perfect sense.

When it comes to shopping, all logic goes out the window and from the very first moment you walk through those doors, that pile of clothes that you so desperately want suddenly becomes a pile of clothes that you so desperately need. The result, exactly what you expected; an overflowing wardrobe with more clothes than you could ever possibly wear and an empty bank account that makes you wish pocket money was still a weekly occurrence.

However, given that pocket money is sadly no longer a weekly occurrence and I have found myself yet again, in this very situation, I have decided to opt for the next best thing as far as finances go. I have decided to hold a garage sale; a garage sale that is made up entirely of clothes, shoes, handbags and jewellery and while I must admit that it has been somewhat difficult letting go of so many well loved pieces, I have a feeling it’s for the best.

What happens next though is likely to be the most challenging of all. Given that each item is extremely reasonably priced, I have a feeling that the problem is not going to lie in a lack of customers but rather in my lack of will power to withstand buying more to take their place and with my current track record, let’s just say the odds are most certainly not in my favour.


Ps. For those of you who are free this weekend and are still trying to organise your Christmas list, please feel free to pop down and visit our wonderful Garage Sale, I promise you won’t be disappointed. In fact with lady luck on both your side and mine, you may even find that everything you have ever wanted instantly becomes everything you have ever needed!