Day in and day out we are constantly left wondering if we have done enough to make a difference in the lives of others. We are left questioning whether we have become a person who is appreciated by those around us or if our presence is simply taken for granted and more often than not all that we are left with is the hope that despite our uncertainty, at the very least, perhaps we have done just enough to brighten someone’s day.

Perhaps somewhere along the way all of those little things became just enough to make someone smile, just enough to make someone laugh or maybe even just enough to remind someone that they are not alone in this wild and crazy world.

Day in and day out we are left unsure of the impact we have made. Unsure if those heartfelt words of encouragement that we so willingly shared were rich enough to light a spark or whether those wise words of love and support were warm enough to shield out the cold. Unsure if everything that we have so selflessly given was ever gratefully received.

Day in and day out we are dragged into the struggles of others, forced to use our own strength just to keep them above water. Unfortunately however, quite often when their own strength returns and they are finally able to stay afloat on their own, human nature intervenes and rarely is the rest of the world given a second thought. Rarely are those very same people who so willingly gave themselves as a life raft invited into the celebration nor are they given the appreciation that they deserve, causing them to second guess the way in which they so eagerly shared their unconditional kindness and overwhelming generosity.

Sometimes however, those very same people surprise us and out of nowhere comes a wave of appreciation. A wave of appreciation followed by a flood of gratitude that could not possibly have arrived at a better time and just like that, suddenly it all becomes worthwhile. Just like that we are reminded that perhaps just as we had hoped, we are in fact making a difference in this wild and crazy world; one beautifully fragile person at a time.