As many of you are probably already aware, I am not exactly the easiest person in the world to successfully surprise and despite my ever-growing love for all things mysterious, I have a terrible habit of making surprise missions rather difficult to say the least.

I suppose you could say that the ‘terms and conditions’ of a surprise are slightly lost on me and the general consensus that endless hints are in fact not complimentary, is a concept that I have been known to struggle with from time to time.

Last night however, all of that changed.

For quite possibly the first time in history, despite my very best efforts at playing detective, it seemed as though my amazingly handsome boyfriend had managed to successfully surprise me in a way that I had never before expected.

There were of course still the very same countless questions asked on my behalf, sneakily trying to figure it all out. However those questions were quickly followed by a long list of ‘slightly false’ answers and unfortunately, as the day dragged on I still had absolutely no idea what to expect. The only thing that I was allowed to know for certain was luckily, one of the most important things of all; what exactly was a girl to wear to an event that she was completely oblivious to?

The answer, according to my trustworthy sources was a pretty little laced maxi dress teamed with my favourite pair of pastel wedges. Apparently, it would be perfectly suited. Perfectly suited for what however, I still wasn’t quite sure. All that I was sure of at this point was that the likelihood of being asked to jump out of a plane was now slim to none.

Fast forward a few hours though and suddenly, it all made perfect sense…

The secrets, the comfortable maxi dress and the fact that for quite possibly the first time ever, he was the one insisting that Mumma tag along for the ride; it could only mean one thing.

X factor!

As luck would have it, it just so happened that the final five X Factor contestants were performing Live at the Gold Coast, on the very same Saturday night that Mumma and I had gone to visit and luckily for us, my wonderful boyfriend had decided to surprise us with tickets. A surprise that given our mutual love of the handsome Taylor Henderson and the adorable Jai Waetford, we were absolutely thrilled with.

All celebrity crushes aside however, my absolute favourite part; even more so than the fact that Taylor Henderson was now standing just metres away from me, was the fact that he finally understood the value of a gesture. Finally, that boy of mine understood what I had been saying for all of this time and to be perfectly honest, that alone was enough to make me the happiest girl in the room that night.