If you were to ask a group of people to think back to one single, exact moment when they were certain their heart was breaking, chances are they would struggle to remember. I however, am still struggling to forget.

12:52am; December 10th, 2013.

A single moment in time that will remain imprinted in my memory forever and while it may not have been the first time my heart has broken nor will it be the last, it has been without a doubt one of the hardest to handle.

Imagine for a moment having spent five years living in an absolute dream of a fairy-tale with the most amazing boy you have ever met and then one day, you blink and it all changes. One day you wake up to find that the Castle has fallen and the Kingdom that you so carefully built together has crumbled to the ground and despite your best efforts at frantically trying to forage through the rubble, all that is left to do is walk away. Walk away with your head held high in hopes of someday, rebuilding a new Castle with that very same Prince. A breathtakingly beautiful Castle in a brand new Kingdom that is hopefully, slightly stronger than the one before.

Unfortunately though, Castle construction is on hold for now and so it is back to taking things one step at a time. One step at a time while I find my way around a Kingdom that to be quite honest, I never in a million years expected to revisit and yet here I am; still holding on to the hope that despite my current broken heart, everything truly does happen for a reason.