They say that it’s quite often not until we are forced to face some of our most difficult days, that we become aware of who our true friends really are and whilst there may well be times when we are left disappointed by the lack of support surrounding us, there are also times when we are surprised in the best way possible. Times when the unconditional support from others has overwhelmed us, often to the point of tears and we are left with a feeling of love so strong that despite our current circumstances, our broken heart slowly begins to mend.

Luckily for me, I am pleased to say that this is without a doubt one of those very times and as I lay outside watching the sunset slowly fade away into the night sky, my face is no longer filled with tears like the days before. Instead, not only is my heavy heart feeling just that little bit lighter, but I am slowly beginning to smile again and I owe that smile to all of the countless beautiful people who I have been blessed to have in my life.

Now more than ever, at a time when I was least expecting to, I can safely say that I feel like the luckiest girl in the world. The luckiest girl in the world who not only has enough beautiful flowers to open her very own florist, but who truly does have the most wonderful friends that any girl could ever ask for. Friends who have not only filled her heart back up with love, but who have reminded her that regardless of how all of this may turn out; she will always be loved, she will always be spoilt and above all, she will always, always have people she can count on and right now, that is more than she ever could have hoped for.