It’s funny how all of a sudden, all of those songs that we were certain we knew the meaning to can seem to have changed completely almost overnight. How each and every word that we once believed resonated, can suddenly mean something entirely different to what it had before and for that one single, defining moment, it’s as though we are hearing a completely different song for the very first time.

Somehow, time seems to stand still and all of a sudden we become more aware than ever before that life circumstances truly have altered our perspective and more often than not, it happens in the depths of a moment that we were least expecting. A moment when perhaps for the first time in what feels like an eternity, we were finally beginning to feel as though our life was returning to some form of normality and in the blink of an eye, we are instead reminded just how much it has changed.

All of a sudden those beautiful lyrics that had once made us smile, instantly bring us to the point of tears and those deep and mysterious words of heartbreak that had previously caused confusion are now beginning to make more sense than ever before. Suddenly, just like that, we become painfully aware of just how much our view on the world has changed and more often than not, the realisations that come alongside that tend to be a little too much to handle in just three short minutes of a breathtakingly beautiful melody.

Luckily though, along with the tears often comes a newfound sense of clarity and an overwhelming feeling of hope that despite the current circumstances, reminds us that perhaps Charlie Chaplin was right; nothing is permanent in this wicked world, not even our troubles. So whilst we may well have been temporarily reminded that our perspective on the world has indeed changed rather slightly, there is nothing to say that it won’t then change again. Ironically, leading us back to the very point where all of this first began.

So for now, despite all of the tears and the heartache, I have decided that instead of fighting the inevitable I am going to try and embrace it. I am going to turn the music up just that little bit louder, brave through the lyrics, breathe through the melody and trust in the process and hopefully for the most part, continue to enjoy the ride because at the end of the day, life stops for no one and whilst I am well aware that this is going to be in no way easy, at some point I am certain that it will all have been worth it.