It should come as no surprise to hear that December is and always has been my absolute favourite month of the year, for quite possibly as long as I can remember. The beautiful decorations, the pretty coloured lights, the wonderful festive food, the countless amazing presents and of course as you may well know, my favourite of all favourites; the famous Christmas cheer.

I suppose you could say that everything about it just seems to make me ridiculously happy and considering that it always has, I was under the naïve assumption that for that very reason, everything about it always would. This year however, I am slightly ashamed to admit that so far, it is beginning to appear as though perhaps I was wrong.

Whilst of course deep down, I am still quietly in love with all things festive, it would seem that recent events have somewhat stolen my Christmas cheer and despite my best efforts, it is taking a little longer than hoped for that same bright spark to happily reappear. In fact, I am currently considering the likelihood that all festive emotions have vacated for the season, leaving in their place a rather disappointing sense of indifference that to be quite honest, I would happily swap for a house filled with reindeer and elves.

Considering that it is now just two days until Christmas however, a quick trip to the North Pole is obviously out of the question which now means unfortunately, I am going to be forced to adopt a healthy Christmas cheer without the help of a team full of elves and a small reindeer family. A task which could easily be considered impossible, except of course for the little secret weapon that I have cleverly kept hidden up my sleeve; Mumma.

Just between you and me, she is basically the real life Mrs Claus in disguise. So much so in fact, that with her constant Christmas cheer and unconditional love, you can’t help but feel festive. Well, that and the fact that she is happily helping me bake up a storm today and as you are all well aware, food is without a doubt the quickest way to my heart.

Needless to say, Christmas food is no exception and so just like that, we are happily headed back down the path towards endless Christmas cheer and I could not be more pleased.