Whilst I would be lying if I said the endless sea of breathtakingly beautiful gifts wouldn’t always remain a favourite aspect of Christmas, at some point you reach an age where that is no longer the highlight. An age where although each and every one of those gifts still has the same distinct ability to overwhelm you with happiness, you soon realise that it is now with the company of loved ones where your true happiness lies and coincidentally enough, I think I may have just reached that very age.

At just twenty-two years young it would seem that whether I was quite ready to or not, I have indeed reached that point. A point where the same things that once made me smile all of those years ago, aren’t necessarily the very same things that continue to make me smile now and whilst there will always be definite similarities amongst our Christmas celebrations, suddenly it’s the differences that are beginning to shine through.

Suddenly it’s no longer the Christmas lights themselves that seem the most beautiful of all, but rather the people who I am lucky enough to be sharing that beauty with.

Suddenly it’s no longer the gifts I am receiving that put the brightest of smiles on my already happy face, but rather the selfless gesture of love and the thought that is behind them.

Suddenly it’s no longer the endless amounts of food that fill the beautifully decorated tables, but rather the people filling the seats around me who I am lucky enough to be sharing that food with.

Suddenly Christmas no longer becomes a time to simply appreciate all things shiny and festive, but rather a time to appreciate life in general and all of the beautiful people who I am blessed to share that life with.

Suddenly Christmas is no longer just about the colours red and green, but the countless other colours that are brought into my life simply by those around me. Colours that I would not be able to create without the perfect combination of personalities and while it may have taken me a little longer than most to fully appreciate the importance of this, I am proud to say that my level of appreciation has now reached an all time high and because of that, Christmas will never be the same again.

Instead, it will be brighter than ever before and from now on, it won’t just be shining with the colours of red and green.