It may have taken a little longer than expected, but I am beginning to think that perhaps my stride may well and truly be on it’s way back after all and given the length of time in which it has been missing, you can only imagine my current level of excitement.

Today, during the midst of yet another wonderful afternoon adventure, not only were the birds chirping louder than ever before but the air had a slight crispness to it that to be quite honest, was completely indescribable and while it may have been a simple ‘afternoon jog’ for most, for me it was pure magic. Magic to which I am proud to say seemed to last much, much longer than ever before.

For a rather typical Wednesday afternoon in the middle of suburbia, there was something so blissfully beautiful about the way the countless trees were so peacefully swaying through the breeze and while others may not have ever even noticed, I was left completely and utterly mesmerized.

The air was fresh, the breeze was cool, the birds were singing almost as brightly as I was smiling and despite my body telling me otherwise, in that very moment, I would have sworn that I could have kept running forever.