Do what you love.

Say what you feel.

Follow your heart.

Trust your instincts.

Spoil yourself.

Compliment others.

Welcome change.

Embrace the unknown.

Drive until you reach what seems to be the middle of nowhere.

Explore an old town.

Discover a new town.

Turn the music up.

Sing at the top of your lungs.

Dance around the house in nothing but your favourite underwear.



Laugh some more.

Spread kindness.

Share joy.

Bake butterfly cupcakes.

Take yourself on a picnic.

Stay up late.

Sleep all day.

Watch the clouds float by.

Play ‘I Spy’.

Listen to children laugh.

Make children laugh.

Surprise someone.

Surprise yourself.

Write a song.

Learn something new.

Volunteer for a day.

Forgive someone.

Forgive yourself.

Apologise, even if you aren’t the one who necessarily needs to do so.

Breathe deeply.

Love unconditionally.

Be brave.

Be honest.

Be spontaneous.

Take risks.

Crave adventure.

Break routine.

Do something that you always promised yourself you would.

Do something you always promised yourself you wouldn’t.

Discover who you are.

Realise who you’re not.

Pray that you’re smart enough to know the difference.

Appreciate the little things.

Take photographs.

Make memories.

Be crazy.

Feel alive.

Throw away your watch.

Lose all track of time.

Find your happiness.

Find your passion.

Find yourself and never look back.