I think it would be safe to say that instinctively speaking, our natural reaction upon realising that something is broken, be it even ever so slightly, it to immediately try and fix it. Just how we go about fixing it however can often be the hardest part of all and given that like most difficulties in life, there is no step by step instruction manual to help guide us through, perhaps the best that we can hope for is the strength to handle the situation gracefully.

Take a perfectly beating heart for example; how exactly does one fix a broken heart once the familiar rhythm of love has long lost it’s melody?

The answer, well I suppose that would depend entirely on our perspective.

Some would suggest to simply forget the past by drowning out the old rhythm with a whole new melody, almost as though the first had never happened. I however, believe wholeheartedly that regardless of it’s depth, love can never truly be forgotten and so in eagerly trying to do so, we are merely setting ourselves up for failure.

I believe that in many aspects, love is similar to that of an old favourite song; while we may tend to forget a few lyrics over time, we never quite lose the memories that go alongside the melody and nor should we.

Regardless of the circumstances, I believe that the melody of love was designed to be appreciated, not discarded and the rhythm was created to be remembered, not buried and while the pain may well never fully disappear, eventually it will begin to ease and eventually the tears will be replaced with smiles. Bittersweet smiles at times no doubt, but smiles nonetheless.

I believe that where love is concerned, nothing can ever remain broken forever. All we ever really need is a little courage to face each day, a little strength to continue moving forward and more than likely, a little more time to heal.

A little more time to breathe.

A little more time to cry.

A little more time to reflect.

A little more time to find our feet.

A little more time to find the courage to fall into our own rhythm again.

A little more time to rediscover our own melody and fall in love with a sound that this time around, is uniquely our own.

A little more time to remember what it feels like to be complete again, without constantly searching for that missing piece of the puzzle.

A little more time to realise that a love lost does not always mean a mistake made, but rather a lesson learned.

A little more time to appreciate the value of such a lesson.

A little more time to finally realise that if it were a boy who broke it in the first place, then perhaps constantly searching for another boy to fix it is really only a temporary solution to a never ending problem.

A little more time to realise that the cure for a broken heart is not to be found in loving another, but can be found in learning to truly love ourselves.

A little more time to realise that being alone does not necessarily mean you are lonely and that being broken in no way leaves you unfixable.

A little more time to realise that while some things break unexpectedly and are never quite the same, other things break in a way that allow them to become stronger and although we cannot always control the way in which something breaks, perhaps we can control how strongly it is placed back together.

In a world so fixated on things progressing quickly, when it comes to matters of love, perhaps we have it wrong. Perhaps as far as our hearts are concerned, a little faith and a little time is all we ever really need.

Don’t be fooled though, even with time on our side chances are it won’t be easy. However with a little trust and a little patience, eventually our heart will have the strength to begin beating again entirely on it’s own and the broken pieces that we were once so sure would never fully heal, will simply be a distant memory of yet another invaluable lesson in this crazy little thing called life.