Much to my Mumma’s dismay, for as long as I can possibly remember I have always, always been a night owl at heart and while that may well be due to the sheer amount of adventure that has been known to happen past the hours of 10:00pm, I believe it to be in the most part, due to the soft and subtle changes that seem to happen to the world, the very moment that first sign of darkness creeps in.

While not everyone may be willing to openly admit to such powerful truths, I think we can all agree that something magical happens once the sun has disappeared into the darkness and we are yet again, at one with the universe. Almost instantly, even our highest of walls are miraculously torn down and sure enough, there in the safety of the darkness we are able to seek comfort in one another.

Suddenly, we are overwhelmed not only by the feeling of freedom, but by the innate desire to share even our deepest of secrets with anyone who is kind enough to listen.

Suddenly, in the depths of darkness we are able to realise that the barriers we once thought to be separating us from one another are in fact entirely non existent and instead, we are perhaps closer than we ever have been before.

Suddenly, the world that seemed to be all so familiar appears to have changed dramatically, right there in front of our very eyes and while instincts may have lead us to hide from the truth in the sheer light of day, the moment the moon returns to fill the sky, those carefully hidden truths tend to escape all on their own.

Suddenly, all reasons to hide are lost and our true self appears, somewhat fleetingly, for anyone who is lucky enough to catch a glimpse.

Suddenly the world becomes a sanctuary of spilled secrets and while some of us may prefer the light of the morning, the sparkle of the sunrise and the hope of a new beginning; personally I prefer the dead of the night, the truth that escapes us and the curiosity that follows. I prefer undeniable honesty and the way that ironically, it’s the beauty in the darkness that unwillingly gives us the courage to bravely bare the light of our souls.