It seems to be a rather well known fact that unfortunately, it was curiosity that killed the cat all those years ago. Luckily for me however, while I have always been the curious type, I have never been overly fond of cats and so for the most part the theory hasn’t exactly been much of a deterrent; not for me at least.

As far as I’m concerned, curiosity is what makes even the dullest aspects of life exciting. Not only is it the spark behind the fire, but it’s the depth of colour behind the rainbow and quite frankly, everything else in between.

As far as I’m concerned, life was designed to be lived and the world was created to be explored.

Lessons were discovered to be learned and questions were raised to be asked.

Rules were made to be broken and lines in the sand were drawn to be crossed.

Authority was elected to be questioned and boundaries were put in place to push past.

The imagination was born to run wild and thoughts were formed to float freely and while at first glance the world may appear to be purely black and white, it’s often what we find hidden in amongst the endless grey matter that makes life exciting.

So exciting in fact, that it seems to have sparked just enough curiosity to coincidentally, have killed a rather infamous cat; a cat who would have more than likely, discovered countless answers to a rather long list of questions that realistically speaking, most of us won’t ever be brave enough to ask.

So while it has long been said that the lesson is to be found in the notion that curiosity is what killed the cat, perhaps the reality is that curiosity is quite possibly the single, defining factor in what may have just allowed that very same cat to ever truly live.