After a little over ten years in the wide world of baseball, it would be safe to say that I have collected my fair share of Coach’s Awards over the years. As you can probably imagine, it seems that every other year the ‘encouragement award’ of sorts would ironically, go to the single only girl in the team. A rather polite yet still socially acceptable way of saying “Sorry you didn’t quite get there, but hey Congratulations on trying!”

Needless to say, while I always smiled an overly appreciative smile and graciously accepted, the truth is that I never really thought much of it.

This year however, despite being given that very same award, the emotions that go alongside it appear to be entirely different. Instead of being given the award purely out of encouragement in regards to a skill level or rather lack thereof, it seems that this time around, the concept of skill level never entered the equation and I could not be happier.

For the first time in a little over ten years, I no longer feel as though I was awarded a trophy purely for encouragement purposes. Instead, I am walking away with not only the world’s biggest smile, but what seems to be an award of the kindest recognition and while it may not have been in regards to numbers or statistics, in my opinion, it was in regards to something far greater.

According to the wise words of a rather wonderful coach of mine, words that may or may not have caused a few hidden tears, the general consensus is that I was apparently, the heart and soul of the team this year. A statement that to be perfectly honest, not only has me completely lost for words, but has me feeling like the luckiest girl in the whole entire world.

So to my beautiful baseball boys, the ones who have without a doubt made this season one to remember, while I may not have made a speech as such I will say this:

While you may choose to believe that I was the heart and soul of our team this year, the truth is that every single part of that heart has been filled to the brim with love, laughter and memories from each and every one of you. Unconditional love that I am certain time will never change, endless amounts of laughter that has cemented our unbreakable bond and memories so bright that I doubt they will ever begin to fade.

It is no secret that diamonds have been known to sparkle and shine and ironically enough, it seems that the world of baseball is no exception.

With the overwhelming support from each and every single one of you, not only am I back shining brighter than ever before, but I am armed with a comeback story that to be perfectly honest, borderlines on fairy-tale worthy; a fairy-tale that just so happens to have the happiest ending of all.